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What is Pulsebeat?

To put it in simple terms, we are the voices of the people. The beating hearts that make up our nation. With all of its great diversity in the melting pot of the United States. This website represents a platform for everyone, no matter what you have to say. You know that your voice is heard and counted. Everyone, meaning no matter your color, religion, sexual orientation or gender; Pulsebeat provides this platform so that we can all:

  • See what the country is thinking
  • Get a true opinion poll without any bias undertones from the source.
  • Truth is presented for all to see with total transparency.
  • Needs and concerns of the people are revealed and leaders of our society can see what and where to focuses their efforts.
  • Everyone can suggest questions that can be possibly used for upcoming polls.
  • Vote on house polls so that you can see if our leaders are truly representing the people who elected them to office.
  • Identity of all users are private and no one can know who you are and how you voted.

We are in this together, we all have a voice, we all have a say, we all deserve to be heard. We are the PULSEBEAT of the nation and all will hear us. Join us now so that we can be stronger together.

"United We Stand Divided We Fall!"  -  John Dicksinson

Our Mission

Our mission is the TRUTH! A true representation of the people. How we feel and what we want as a community, city, region, state and nation. No bias undertones or one-sided questions from news outlets that are either left or right in its reporting. We only present how the people vote and what they think. It is time for change, it is time for the hill to start listening to its valleys below that prop it up, and answer to the valleys when the they do not listen or represent the people.

Our Plan

We need everyone to share their voice, so we can make this a true representation of the PULSE and BEAT of our nation. Once a user signs up and is verified they are eligible to vote on any open poll. Polls will run on average for 3 days, so that everyone has a chance to weigh in. Results will be counted, sorted, and posted in real time. Look forward to specific polls in certain regions, so that individuals from that region may vote locally. As well as, polls that focus on upcoming House and Senate bills. Therefore, we can vote on them before our representatives and can compare the results.

Our Vision

At Pulse we want to give a true real time snapshot of our Nation, Region, State, County, City. A place where every voice will be counted and heard. A place where leaders can come to see how inline they are with representing the needs and concerns of their constituents. Where Truth is paramount and is protected by a policy of nonbiased and total transparency. Where users and passersby’s (surfing the internet) can view the same results.

Register for an account

By registering we will authenticate, verify and guarantee that you are who you say you are. Everyone can only have one account on Pulse and only vote once per poll.

  • SMS 2FA authentication to validate accounts.
  • AI models to detect fraud and intrusion.

Registration is easy and takes under a minute from start to finish.

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Polls are always open

After the verification process you will be able to vote on any pole that pulse has listed. As a rule of thumb most polls will be posted for 3 days. You will have just one vote per poll and once cast you can not change it.

Weigh your decision carefully

  • Polls are typically 3 days
  • Only respond to polls that matter to you
  • One vote per poll per account

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Get your vote on!

Now you can find where you passion is and vote on it. Or maybe you just want to weight in on the poll on a certain region. Or maybe you want to just stick to national or government policy votes. Pulse is your oyster so, explore the polls!

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Tally the votes

Now the votes are in! you will be able to view the counts as they come in and see which way the vote is going. Once the vote is done all results will be made public so that not only registered member will be able to see the results but all will know the temperature of the opinion poll.

Registration is easy and takes under a minute from start to finish.

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